Secret History of Twin Planet Earth Errol Hawkins


Published: February 19th 2013

Kindle Edition

357 pages


Secret History of Twin Planet Earth  by  Errol Hawkins

Secret History of Twin Planet Earth by Errol Hawkins
February 19th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 357 pages | ISBN: | 9.39 Mb

The accepted history of Earth differs greatly from the observable evidence.The main purpose of this book is to challenge the accepted history of Earth, and of Mankind, by placing observational evidence that would lead to a different conclusion, if these observations were respected. The accepted history is only maintained because there are some critical gaps in the knowledge. According to the accepted scientific opinion, the Moon was formed by a ‘Giant Impact’ on Earth, by a body about the size of planet Mars- but there are no displaced-orbit theory.

This impact, in the friction-free environment of space, would displace the Earth by millions of miles. Where was the Earth located before this impact?Missing theories: all Ancient Calendars – needed a plus-factor adjustment (more days per year), evidence of a wider-orbit displacement. That is, despite the fact that the rotation of the Earth is slowing down. The Earth with its ‘Giant Satellite’ – and there is no size-ratio definition of a twin-planet system. There is no theory for the gravity-dynamics of twin planets.

The order of the inner solar system is disrupted by the fragments of the Asteroid Belt – where a mathematical formula, predicts that another planet should be- this formula is known as Bodes Law. There are no theories for this ‘Missing-Planet’, and no consensus for the cause of the Asteroid Belt. These are a few of the missing theories. The interest they would have stimulated is missing, and the line of enquiry they would force us to follow is also missing.Theory without a useful function: to make matters worse, there is a theory that ought not to be there, even worse – this is the foundation of the history of Earth, and of Mankind.

This is the theory of Uniformitarianism- this theory is an institutionalized opposition against any major catastrophes in the history of Earth. And, it gets even worse. There is evidence of impact craters on Earth, and the Earth’s crust is shattered – these are the Tectonic Plates.

Clearly, this theory does not respect evidence. The currently accepted model of history is self-evidently wrong.

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