The Zeta Disclosures Frank Reed


Published: July 24th 2012

Kindle Edition

333 pages


The Zeta Disclosures  by  Frank Reed

The Zeta Disclosures by Frank Reed
July 24th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 333 pages | ISBN: | 3.44 Mb

They’re coming back. They’ve almost completed the preparations and prepared their vessels for the three month interstellar journey. However, when they arrive this time, human civilization will be shattered by their technology and understanding of the Cosmos, a million years beyond mankind’s.The Earth’s defense plan has been created and partially implemented by the twelve members of the Zeta Council. They’re the only humans who know the whole truth and understand the potential devastation, that is, until Jack Brady stumbles upon one of the alien scout vehicles and three of its crew.Brady is a trained observer, a Senior Officer in the CIA’s Directorate of Logistics.

He knows what he saw, and so do his superiors. But Jack is no longer asking “if” UFOs and extraterrestrials exist. Now he’s simply asking- “why” is the Government covering up their existence?And before he discovers the incredible truth, his search for the answer sweeps away his core beliefs, drives him to the edge of human perceptions, kills two of his best friends, and almost takes his own life. But, Jack has no intention of stopping until he finds out “why” the government must continue to cover up their existence, and the truth.

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